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The Montmartre Wine Festival, 2009: Impressions

October 19, 2009
A little Paris kitsch to get things going

A little Paris kitsch to get things going

written by Michael Oudyn

On June 4, 2009 I posted an article on the history of the wine festival at Montmartre. (read post) So, serious wine journalist that I am, I thought I would go back to Paris and actually check it out in person.

I am writing the day after, so everything is by necessity a bit foggy and impressionistic. A petite husky-voiced street singers belts out chansons a la Edith Piaf while turning the crank on her little music box. I sit at a wooden barrel surrounded by bustling humanity and stare down at some Muscadet  in a plastic cup and six miniscule mini-oysters on a paper plate. A friend, empty plastic cup in hand, looks longingly at a vendor of Chateauneuf de Pape who is just across the street  but unreachable due to the human bottleneck in the narrow Montmartre (more…)