About Michael Oudyn




Wine diplomas and certificates:


Level 3 Advanced Certificate (with distinction)

International Higher Certificate (in Spanish, with merit)

French Wine Society

French Wine Scholar diploma “authorized to teach French Wine Scholar program”

French Wine Scholar “Sud de France Master-Level Certificate”

The Wine Academy of Spain

Certified Spanish Wine Educator


I’ve always drunk wine, but over the last decade I have become more and more fascinated by the stuff: by all the wonderful strange things that happen in the wineries and the vineyards of the world; by wine’s mythology, legends, and saints; by its place in history, politics, literature, and religion. The more you poke around and learn, the more intriguing it gets. Mostly I write about whatever happens to tickle my fancy, the stranger the better.

I lived in Spain for ten years and have an MA in Spanish, so Spanish wines are the ones I know best.  I have some limited experience creating wine tours in Tuscany and the cava country of Catalonia. And I’m trying to get a little business going teaching English to non-native speakers using wine vocabulary and wine case studies.











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